What a weekend!

On Friday UPS was supposed to pick up a package by 1pm. We wanted it to be picked up by then as we still needed to drive all the way from Sheffield to Hampshire for Kirsty & Gary’s wedding on Saturday, so quite a few hours driving.
UPS didn’t pick up the package until about 4pm. So now we were going to start loading the car and noticed some fluid from under the car. Considering it’s been gorgeous weather for the past few days that worried us and now it looks like there’s a radiator leak. Slight panicking followed. It’s past 5pm which meant our garage had closed and it was probably highly unlikely that any of the car rental agencies around here were still open or have a car available. If only UPS picked up our package in time, we would have been able to leave earlier which meant we would noticed the problem earlier and could have sorted things out.

After phoning around for quite some time, I found a rental place that was still open and had a car that was large enough to take all our equipment for a Wedding Day Edit. Just had to get there with a driving license and some ID. Guess what, Niels couldn’t find his license (not the first time, had a mad panic the day before we left on vacation to the US last year). So we had to do it on my license. Bearing in mind I’ve only ever driven small cars and never an automatic, I was to say the least rather nervous. Due to road works in Sheffield we had a couple of diversion to deal with but managed to arrive at the rental place at 5.58pm, they close at 6pm. Phewww! Loaded up the car and drove down to Hampshire, although I was a bit nervous the first few minutes driving that car, I soon enjoyed it!

Saturday, the morning of the wedding. We went to the venue, the Barn at Bury Court, to set up all our equipment for the Wedding Day Edit before going to the bride. Due a slight delay with getting ready, we left the bride’s home a little later than we had planned but still leaving us plenty of time to get to the ceremony. If it wasn’t for the lady in the sat-nav machine sending us on a different route leading us straight into a traffic jam! Yikes! I really thought we wouldn’t make it, but we managed to get there just a few minutes before the ceremony. Again, phewww! A few quick shots of the venue and the groom, the bride arrived and the ceremony started. I am glad to say that from then on everything was plain sailing! Stunning venue, perfect weather, happy guests, a great photographer Jonathan Day and lovely music by the Persephone Flute & Cello Duo.
In the evening, just before the first dance we showed our Wedding Day Edit, which as usual went down a storm. There were quite a few happy tears, even from the bride, which was apparently quite an unusual occurrence.

So here it is, Kirsty & Gary’s Wedding Day Edit!

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