WEVA Silver Creative Excellence Award for our Bridal Elegance

Quick newsflash!

Yesterday evening we were awarded our second Creative Excellence Award at WEVA in Orlando Florida! Last year we won a bronze award in the Short Form Wedding Film category, this year we were lucky enough to receive a silver award in the Bridal Spotlight category. I can’t begin to say how happy we are with this result!!! There were so many amazing videos in all the categories and to know that the judges consider one of our videos part of that elite bunch, well,… it’s surreal.

So if you are curious enough to find out what it takes to win a Silver CEA, then, check this out!

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Also, this morning I delivered my seminar on Short Wedding Films here at the WEVA Expo. Lots of people turned up (and not just for the Belgian chocolate I brought along) including some videographers that I seriously look up to, like Jason Magbanua for example!!! The seminar went without any technical glitches, phew, and I received so much positive feedback. This trip is sooooo worth all the hassle we went through on Sunday to get here.

4 Responses to “WEVA Silver Creative Excellence Award for our Bridal Elegance”

  • Erin Korbylo says:

    WOW!!! You guys, this was awesome! Loved the music selection. It’s no wonder you won a CEA two years in a row!

  • Jason says:

    You rocked the house Sylvia! Seriously!

    I envy your castles but not the low light =)

  • Steve Moses says:

    Sylvia & Niels, I loved it! The strange song, her glasses, the shoes, her dancing, her smile – it all worked. It came together as an eclectic piece that I’ve come to expect from you two, bravo!! That piece was whimsical & fun, thanks for sharing it.

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