We Create, a POSH Short Film

When I started in this business back in 2002, it seemed rather hard to find other women doing this job. It very much looked like a male-dominated industry, despite the fact that our product is aimed at a largely female market. Usually when going to conventions or anything else industry related, people would always talk to Niels and seem to treat me as a “plus 1”, Niels was always quickly to tell them that I was the driving force behind this business. Even at this year’s IoV Convention, it was a challenge to find more than 5 women at any one moment and I still felt that many businesses at the tradeshow didn’t even bother trying to get my attention. So it seemed that not much had changed in 8 years.
But then it helps to look a bit further and you will find that some of the most amazing event film makers in the world are women! And then 2 of those amazing women, Jennifer Moon and Reagan Zugelter, got together, and established “POSH” with the aim of connecting, educating and inspiring women visual artists.

“Because of their age long training in human relations—for that is what feminine intuition really is—women have a special contribution to make to any group enterprise.” – Margaret Mead

42 dedicated women filmmakers and photographers.
Five sparkling days in the Bahamas.
One powerful message: We Create.

Professional event filmmakers and photographers from across the globe gathered recently on a cruise to the Bahamas for POSH 2010, an educational workshop and retreat for women. Inspired by their shared experiences in an industry dominated by males, the group spontaneously decided to use their creative gifts to craft a short film illustrating the positive power and passion of women in the film industry.

Shot on location at POSH 2010, “We Create” was directed by Maura Coleman-Murray and Kara Jensen, filmed by Maribeth Ratajczyk and Luiza Perkowska, and edited by Meg Simone. All 42 POSH 2010 attendees collaborated on the piece.

We Create from POSH on Vimeo.

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  • Reagan says:

    Thank you Sylvia for promoting this very powerful message. :) You a true inspiration for other women in the filmmaking industry.

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