Walton Hall Wedding: Erica and Matt

No two weddings are the same. It sounds like a cliché that any couple would love to believe but after 10 years of filming weddings, I can honestly say it is true. Few weddings however feel as personal and intimate as Erica and Matt’s wedding day. From our first contact with Erica, as this wedding day film was a surprise for husband-to-be Matt, we realised their story stood out.

When we filmed their wedding day at the gorgeous Walton Hall we were not disappointed. The whole day was carefully and personally put together. It was a wedding day that really was the couple’s day! Personalised vows, the jumping of the broom, the way they each had their own version of how Matt invited himself to Thanksgiving at Erica’s just a few weeks after they met, the heartfelt speeches … this couple clearly knew what their wedding meant and we felt privileged in sharing their special day.

In bringing all the details together and making sure everything ran like clockwork, Erica was assisted by wedding planner Isobel Lamplough of Isobel Weddings. We also had the pleasure of sharing this day with one of our favourite wedding photographers: the very talented Allister Freeman.

During their wedding speeches, we learned that Matt is a business coach and was about to become a published author on this subject. So it’s hardly a surprise that we were very excited to be invited to Matt’s book launch event in the UK. We had a great time meeting up with Matt and have already started reading his ‘Fearless Referrals’. It’s been an enjoyable and interesting read so far and I’m sure it will prove very useful for any looking to grow their business.

Without further ado, I hope you’ll enjoy this highlight section from their wedding day film.


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