A dream…

Remember that Save the Date clip we made last winter in the snow in Vienna for Elizabeth and Andi? Well, on the 23rd of July, Elizabeth and Andi got married in Bali, Indonesia in the most gorgeous setting. Unfortunately for us, we weren’t there to cover the day for them, that job was covered by the amazing Mayad Studios. So far we’ve only seen a few photos of their wedding day and I can say: it looked beyond beautiful! On their wedding day, they shared the clip we made from them in Vienna, a little dream sequence of a perfect day in Vienna. We received an email from Andi a few days after the wedding to let us know how much their guests enjoyed the pre wedding film. They even showed it to the Mayad team before the shoot, and as Andi put it “so they’re challenged to deliver the final product even better ;)”. I’m already looking forward to seeing their wedding film, knowing Elizabeth and Andi, and the Mayad team, it will be one amazing wedding film!

Well, we can now finally share our clip with the rest of the world. You can read the rather epic story behind this shoot here.




The eternally beautiful city of Vienna, Austria (I’m biased, I know. But really, you should go visit it at least once. It will undoubtedly enchant you and like us, you’ll want to go back!)

Schonbrunn Palace Park

Wiener Riesenrad

Christmas Market at the Rathausplatz

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The Ring Hotel

Make up:  Nadja Hluchovsky

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  • Paul Smith says:

    Vienna is such a a beautiful place. After my friends got married in Staffordshire, they have decided to spend their honeymoon in the Austrian capital. I have seen the pictures, looked amazing!

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