Susan and Michael, a teaser from St Augustine, Florida

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my job? It really must be one of the best of jobs in the world. Couples let me be a part of the happiest day in their lives, and I get to make an amazing keepsake of the memories they will never want to forget. Plus, it also takes me to places all over the world.

Speaking of which, last month we were in Florida, not for a vacation, but to cover a wedding, Susan and Michael’s wedding. They decided to book our services based on the recommendation of one of our former brides Annie, always lovely when that happens. They flew us out to Saint Augustine for their wedding at the Cathedral Basilica, the oldest parish in the US. We knew Susan as Annie’s  bridesmaid, we’d been chatting with her on Facebook for a few months now and meeting up with her the day before the wedding felt more like meeting up with an old friend rather than with a “client”. We were kindly invited to the rehearsal dinner where we got to meet the whole family who were all so lovely and welcoming.

The day of the wedding was a rather cold day in Florida, sadly somewhat overcast too, but that didn’t dampen any of the spirits. As their first date, Michael took Susan on plane ride. So Susan thought it would be a great idea if Michael would go out to the airport and fly over St Augustine. Niels was lucky enough to join him on the plane. Meanwhile, Susan was getting ready at her mum’s house. Everything went like clockwork, no panics, no delays, quite unusual really. Susan even arrived early at the church! After a lovely ceremony, with a great sermon by father Ryan, everyone went down to White Room to celebrate the night away.

The next morning, at 9am, Susan and Mike were up and dressed in their wedding attire again as we were taking them on a bit of stroll around St Augustine. That morning the sun came out and brought out all the beautiful colours of St Augustine. It was lovely having some relaxing time with just the two of them without the rush of the wedding day and the images we got as a result are amazing.

I could keep babbling on about this wedding,  but as they say, an image is worth a thousand words, well, this being a short little teaser, it should say even more!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Susan & Michael, St Augustine from EverAfterVideos on Vimeo.

Notable mentions go to

The photographers Mark and Joi –

The Venue: The White Room, St Augustine –

The Church: Cathedral Basilica of St Augstine –

The On-the-Day Coordinator: Jennifer of 1-877-Le Concierge

And considering it’s Valentine’s Day, we also have an offer on for new bookings (must book by next Monday). If you’re curious to find out more about it, just get in touch!

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  • Annie says:

    I would ALWAYS recommend the two of you- no one does it better than you guys do, and on top of that, you are a joy to have around! I’m so glad to know you both and have you as my friends!

  • Susan Thibault says:

    When planning the wedding, I had not budgeted for a video, but after Annie came for a visit and showed me one of your Ever After promotional videos, I was blown away. I had to try to have Ever After film my wedding. Your video was not a “wedding video” they are art and an amazing memory.

    You are such a cute and inspiring couple, and Mike and I are not much for being in front of the camera, but are so thankful we did. I was really surprise to realize as the bride, there is so much you miss. As I was walking down the aisle, I notices flowers scattered along the floor, and the church rule is no tossing of flower petals, but the flower girl did not get the memo. Trying to remember exactly what they said in the speeches. My 6 year old nephew can’t wait to see his eloquent speech. He said that was his favorite part.

    I can’t wait to see the whole production. I would recommend you to anyone getting married. You have such an easy-going way about you, you felt like a part of the wedding. I hope you had as much fun as we did and the morning shoot was amazing. It was fun to make it last just a little bit longer without the rush of the wedding day.

    Thank you so much. Lots of Love, Susan and Mike

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