This one makes me happy

Remember that wedding we filmed in Florida? I must say, that has got to be one of favourite weddings ever. OK, so we got to travel to Florida, which is already pretty awesome. Then the people were so wonderful; Susie, the bride was one of the bridesmaids of a former bride (who is now one of our best friends). Filming in the oldest cathedral in the USA, St Augustine’s Cathedral Basilica, a bit of a privilege too! Then Susie had booked a flight for Michael on the day, and Niels could go up in the plane with him, which he obviously really enjoyed too! I could go on about the things that I loved about this wedding…

Then when I got to editing this one, I was overwhelmed by how much great footage we had, even after the first “rough cut” I still had about double than usual. On the one hand, it made things somewhat trickier, but on the other, I had big smile on my face all the way through editing. And then there’s probably my favourite shot ever, at 2min14 into the highlights. I just love the way Susie looks at Michael, that is pure and honest joy and love in her eyes. Yes, this is one wedding that really makes me happy.

Notable mentions go to

The photographers Mark and Joi –

The Venue: The White Room, St Augustine –

The Church: Cathedral Basilica of St Augstine –

The On-the-Day Coordinator: Jennifer of 1-877-Le Concierge


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