Katie & Mark, a Humanist Wedding

With most of the UK covered under a white snowy blanket, I thought I’d warm you up with a nice summery clip. Katie and Mark got married at the gorgeous Wakehurst Place in Sussex, a venue chosen with care as Katie used to work here. It was pretty much picture perfect: marvellous venue, great venue coordinator, beautiful gardens and even a lovely summer’s day!
We had had great time working with the Katie, the coordinator, and Martin Briggs, photographer of the day. A special mention must also go to Vivienne Donnithorne, the celebrant. Vivienne designed and presided over the humanist wedding ceremony. Throughout the ceremony we were told of the journey that brought Katie and Mark to this day. It was without a doubt one of the most personal ceremonies we had the pleasure of filming and by the end we really felt we knew the couple a bit better. It was easy to tell their wedding meant a lot to Katie and Mark as the whole day had personal little touches. My favourite without a doubt was the gorgeous Kiwi-shaped wedding cake especially made by one of the aunties!

Humanist wedding ceremonies are still a bit of a rarity here in England. Unlike Scotland, we don’t seem to have moved with the times and humanist ceremonies are not yet legally  binding and thus still require a civil ceremony first. I can honestly say as far as ceremonies go, this type of celebration is a personal as it gets. The British Humanist Association has been campaigning to try and get recognition for their wedding ceremonies from the government. As the government so far failed to act, I’d like to encourage you to sign their petition and make sure England no longer trails behind Scotland!



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