It’s all about THE dress…

I’m sure nobody doubts that Ever After specialises in making your wedding memories last a lifetime. We do occasionally embark on other little projects and I think it is time that we share one of those on our blog, especially as this little project is actually wedding related as well!

The number one priority of a bride is more often than not ‘The Dress’.  Over the years we’ve seen wedding dresses in all sorts and shapes, and when Kittie and Dulcie contacted us to film their new vintage inspired line of dresses, we jumped on the opportunity to get a sneak peek of their fabulous dresses. During the hustle and bustle time of hair and make-up we took a few shots of the dresses on a hanger and captured the electric atmosphere that was brewing.

The shoot took place in central London. The operational base of the day couldn’t have been located any better: right next to Spitalfield market and the quaint shop Dolly Dare.  Yep, the vintage inspiration really came through even in the locations. Once the models were dressed and ready, we walked around the corner to start shooting. This being London, nobody gave our troop of models, dressers, hair and make-up artists or cinematographers a second look. The joys of working in our capital; I’m sure we would have stopped traffic in a lot of other places.

We had a great time filming and chatting about dress making. A few weeks later we completed our brief and had some catwalk-style shots ready for the website. Of course we couldn’t resist making a little clip to capture this day. I hope you’ll enjoy it and make sure to visit the Kitty and Dulcie website to see the catwalk shots of the dresses.

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  • We can’t thank Ever After Videos enough for the splendid work they produced for Kitty & Dulcie. Sylvia and Niels are an adorable, dynamic duo who work quickly and unobtrusively to capture each and every detail of their given project. We couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you so very much.

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