I love my job

I love my job!

I often work 7 days a week, never get to enjoy summer properly, spend most of my days in the office alone and most of the year I have no social life. Yet, I do love my job. Why? Because it’s fun and rewarding.

Take Andrea & Stephen, they got married on 31 August last year at Waterton Park Hotel near Wakefield. From the first moment we go in touch with them, they were the friendliest people ever and a joy to work for. They are more to us than just clients, they are our friends. And to top it all of, Andrea always writes us sweetest emails:

I was really taken on how much fun was had by all, so many smiling faces you captured the feeling of the day perfect, you made it a perfect day.

The detail is perfect too, just what I really wanted to see. All the work wrapped in a DVD so I can keep the memory forever.

It didn’t make me cry but I had a huge smile on my face and said AWWWW a lot LOL, the music was placed perfect, really blown away by the whole thing.

Thank you so very much, it’s just awesome, couldn’t have asked for any better…. Well…. There were two people missing off the video…. YOU GUY’S…. Shame you didn’t catch each other and added yourself you our DVD. It’s a great miss but I can understand why you didn’t add yourself. As long as you know you were our guest and we saw you as that.

Thank you so very VERY much, you have done us so proud, it was the best thing we did to ask you Guys to capture our day, very much appreciated and your perfect work will be treasured and loved forever.

Now you can see why I love my job so much!

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