A winter wonderland at Hazlewood Castle

My apologies for the long absence! I can’t believe how busy we’ve been the past few weeks, and it isn’t going to get any quieter any time soon!

This time last week we were filming a wedding near Florence in Italy. It was a truly gorgeous sunny day, but a gorgeous sunny day in Tuscany means heat, lots of heat. Now I know the weather got pretty hot here in the UK too, but add about another 10°C to those temperatures and you can start to get an idea of what we were going through. Yes, we were melting, but having lots of fun nonetheless.

In a failed attempt to try to cool down somewhat, I thought back to the coldest wedding we’ve ever filmed, which happened to be last winter. It was a freezing cold snowy day, just before Christmas, the day that Carole & Neil got married at Hazlewood Castle in North Yorkshire. Despite the coldness, it was actually a really beautiful day, seeing the grounds of the castle covered in snow, a true winter wonderland right out of a fairytale. Carole and Neil had hoped for a “white” wedding day and that’s exactly what they got. And just in case there wouldn’t have been any real snow, they provided a stylish winter theme filled with details of snow flakes. Photographers for the day were Sharon and Andy from FNS Weddings, you can see a few photos from Carole and Neil’s wedding on their blog too.

As ever, I hope you enjoy this clip and if you do, we’d love it if you would leave us a comment (or share this on your Facebook or Twitter account)

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