Hannah & David at St Audries Park, Somerset

Back in September last year we filmed Hannah and David’s wedding at St Audries Park in Somerset, a few days after the wedding we shared their Same Day Edit with you. Now it’s time to share a bit more from their wedding film.
I know I usually only tend to share the highlights to our wedding films, but in this case I also really want share the bridal prep as well. Why? Well, simply because it’s one of my favourite bridal preps of the past year. Yes, it probably has something to do with Hannah’s fabulous Christian Louboutin wedding shoes, but it was mainly due to the delightfully relaxed atmosphere of the whole morning which I hope is reflected in the video. It was just pure loveliness.

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And if you’d like to know how their perfect day continued, then you can always check out their highlights too. You’ll see all the splendour of their wedding day, including the fun provided by the croquet set, the superb cocktail bar during the drinks reception (Hannah and David had each chosen a special cocktail to serve to their guests) and the spectacular fireworks display in the evening.
And a big thank you to John De Rienzo from De Rienzo Films for being our third shooter that day; it really made my job of putting the Same Day Edit together a whole lot less stressful!

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