Gavin & Emma at Hassop Hall

Time to share a bit more of our wedding videos again!

This one is actually from quite a while ago now but I just haven’t managed to get it up on the blog yet. This was the first wedding we filmed in and edited in HD, it took us a while to get used to the editing workflow but we loved the result. The clips for the blog have been reduced though, but they still look great.

Anyway, this is Gavin & Emma’s wedding. You may recognise the location, Hassop Hall, from a previous blog entry (Katy & Robert’s wedding). I can’t help but share 2 clips of their video, the highlights and the photo shoot, the latter because we just had so much fun with the photographers from Class 1 Weddings.

The Photo Shoot

The Highlights

and just for the record, Emma did actually get that motorcycle as a surprise wedding present from Gavin!

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