My name is Rebecca and I am marrying Jonathan.

The one in fancy dress probably starts to tell you about who we are (we dress up a lot – and it’s meant to be Mary Poppins and Burt in case you’re wondering!). Let me also tell you that Jonny took me to the panto on our first date – we began laughing that night and haven’t stopped since. Our story always sounds kind of cheesy – but cheesy is who we are! We both knew this was the “real thing” very early on in the relationship, although that felt absolutely terrifying at the time. Under two years on, we got engaged in Paris on a bridge over the Seine with the Eiffel Tower lit up at midnight on 09.10.11 – and now we’re getting married in the venue of our dreams on 10.11.12.

We looked at over 15 venues in person as we knew we were after something special – and we certainly got that with our gothic Harry Potter-esque mansion. It’s got the best aisle and ceremony room we could find in a civil venue. We think it will be dramatic (we met due to doing local am dram and can’t shake a tendency towards drama and dressing up!) and we want to make the whole day really personal to us.

Why do we want a film? Well, it’s probably difficult to imagine if you don’t know us but we (ok, then mostly just I) jump alot! Seriously, I am just so excited about getting married I’ve jumped, danced and skipped around wedding venues and bridal shops across the midlands! As people we are always laughing and having fun and I’m not sure how well that will come across in still photographs. There’ll probably be plenty of weeping too (from Jonny as well as me, though he won’t thank me for saying that) as we’re both pretty soppy at the best of times.

We were kindly bought an engagement shoot, and when the photographer asked Jonny to kiss me on the forehead, he laughed in my face and couldn’t take it seriously! We’re so not “posy” people but really want to capture the joy, love and fun on our day and think a film would do this perfectly. Knowing us, there will be a few surprises on the day too that we will definitely want to capture (can’t give too much away here!), but also, for me, the “one moment” I know I will want to see again and again is when Jonny turns around and sees me for the first time.

Jonny is a real “film” person too, who is often filming local amateur dramatic events and family occasions, so he sees film as an important part of our wedding day. In fact, just recently, his family have had some very old film (Jonny as a toddler!) converted to DVD and this has brought with it much happy reminiscing and sharing of memories. We want to have a film we can show our grandkids too (unfortunately, the current budget isn’t stretching to allow us to do this though).

When a friend recommended your site, we instantly loved the style (romantic but still relaxed and personal). We think the idea that your film can be ready by the end of the day is just brilliant and it would be a real talking point in the evening and an additional part of the day for everyone. We would be so excited to work with you and tell you more about our plans and who we are.


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