Ever After honoured as EventDV 25 Finalists!

Last Thursday we received some brilliant news, Ever After Video Production was named as Finalist for the EventDV Magazine Top25 of Hottest and Most Influential Event Filmmakers. EventDV Magazine is one the leading magazines in our industry and every year they hold this poll. This year they also decided to include the finalists to this Top25 list. “The main idea here was to highlight a number of studios who are clearly “on the bubble,” edging ever so closer to cracking the EventDV 25 and stepping into the spotlight as all-stars in the coming years.”, Stephen Nathans-Kelly, Editor in Chief of EventDV Magazine)

So in essence we are now classed among the Top50 Most Influential videographers in the World! How amazing is that!?! Now why is this so special? Well, this isn’t just any kind of popularity voting system where you can ask your mum and dad and all your friends to vote for you, this poll only accepts votes from fellow professional event filmmakers. So the votes come from our peers across the world, they had the confidence in us and considered us worthy of their votes. We were really taken aback that we made this list and feel truly humbled by this. Jerome Cloniger, of JC/DV Productions, a 2-times EventDV Top 25 honoree himself, said this about us: “Sylvia and Niels truly care about their work and clients. They will never hesitate to help someone out no matter what time of day (or night) it may be.” We look up to all the other filmmakers on the list, many of them have been our favourites in the industry for years now. To be listed among them is just such a great honour. So a BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU to all who voted for us!!!

And to make this ever so slightly even more exceptional, we’re actually the only UK company on the list!

As it says in the article: We’re a force to be reckoned with! 😉

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  • Well deserved guys!!!

  • Kat says:

    Congrats! and yes well deserved. Adding in the finalist was a great idea. Sometimes seeing the same names every year (even though well deserved) one may start to wonder if they will ever be noticed and not compared. You are noticed!

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