Competition time!

Yesterday we started of the Ever After Birthday Celebrations with 10% discount offer for anyone who books us during the 10 days of festivities. Today, we just started the first of our celebratory competitions on our Facebook page!

Share your personal proposal story with us and you could win a £25 Amazon gift voucher. The winning proposal will be the one receiving the most “likes” and comments, giving 1 point for every “like” and 2 points for every comment.

So post the story of how you got engaged on our wall and share it with all your friends so they can vote for you. The competition is open to anyone, from current and past clients to people who just like what we do anywhere in the world, but make sure you post it before 24 February as that’s when the competition closes!

We’d love to hear as many proposal stories as possible, whether it was an elaborately planned proposal (like Elizabeth and Andi’s engagement video proposal) or a spur of the moment proposal, we want to hear about it! And even if you don’t want to share your engagement story, why not share this competition with your friends? I’m sure we can all do with a dose of pure loveliness!

And as I said, this is just the first competition. We will be having a few more and some give aways too over the next few days, with a grand prize on the final day. So check in daily!

We also have some lovely news coming up, can’t wait to share that with you all tomorrow!


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