We met when I was still a student and he was not long out of university, in a bar in Wellington, NZ called Goodluck! Since then we’ve travelled all over the world and currently live in London.

With our families on opposite sides of the planet, I always knew there would be times in our life when tough decisions would have to be made, and choosing our wedding venue was one – in fact never mind the venue, we couldn’t decide which continent to get married on!

In the end, the garden in York won over and we’re very happy with our decision and are getting very excited planning our rustic, laid-back, hand-made, garden party style wedding!

We have pretty much all the main things sorted for the wedding, with the exception of a videographer, hence why we’re entering this amazing competition!

We would love love love to have our wedding captured on film not only for ourselves to look back on with future children, but for all our friends and family who will not be able to join us on the day. Gavin’s closest family are coming over and a couple of friends can make it, but there are many people who just can’t do the journey: Three grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins, friends with children and mortgages… It would be amazing to be able to share our day with them with a film capturing all the moments that you just don’t get from photographs. As we’ll already have to done boring legal bit at a registry office, this wedding ceremony will be quite different from any that most people have been to, so to capture our self-written vows and our jumping the broom would be ace!

Also on my side of the family it’d be amazing to capture 4 generations of the family all celebrating together after a year with some family members fighting and beating serious illness.

So everybody is very much looking forward to a love-filled event and a chance to meet new people, old friends and family members from all corners of the globe – to catch this all on film would be amazing!

We’re crossing fingers and toes!


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