Rob and I had a long courtship. We first met at college, and were really close friends. We shared our first kiss at the bus stop in Harrow. I knew Rob liked me, but I was quite the indecisive girl and with uni around the corner I didn’t want to get into a relationship. It was too grown up and scary. Uni passes and we’re still in contact. We go travelling independently of each other and bump into each other in a hostel in Australia. Back in London we continue to see each other as friends. Rob courts me, and ask me out, but again I was too scared to take things further than friendship. Then one day, 9 years after we met (the running joke is that I’m just a bit slow) I snapped and realised what a fool I was being. He took me out for to Kensington Roof Gardens for lunch for my birthday, in the pub after I decided to tell him I liked him…we shared a kiss, and then proceeded to head to casino where we won £200 and partied the night away. That was 3 years 5 months ago and we’ve been together ever since. We’re still best of friends, and we’re definitely soul mates. We’ve bought and renovated our flat, and in July 2011 on a weekend break to Barcelona, Rob asked me to marry him on the top of Montserrat.

So why a wedding film? Originally we were planning to get married in Sept 2012. A month later my sister was also engaged. During this time we also discovered that my dad had to start chemotherapy to treat advanced cancer. He’s still going through treatment and will finish in May. My sister is now getting married in 2 weeks time and we’re getting married in June. Sept 2012 felt like so far away, a worrying amount of time away, we thought why wait? Our budget is tight especially with 2 weddings in a such a short amount of time. But, capturing our families all together is so important to us. My emotions are going to be so high, and I worry that it will end up a bit of a teary blur. It would be the icing on the cake to have a video capturing all the special moments of us and our families on the day. The important shot for us is before the ceremony. My mum is Cypriot, and in Cypriot tradition the bride’s relatives visit the bride’s house before the ceremony to send her on her way. Live Greek music is played, and with a red scarf in hand each aunt and uncle take it in turn to bless the bride. Rob has seen several of my cousins through this ceremony and he is sad that he will miss seeing me with my relatives on the morning of our wedding day. I would treasure a video of my parents blessing and the red scarf being passed around my waist. It would also be great for all the other guests to see what went on before the ceremony, as otherwise they would not know of this Greek tradition.

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