I’m Heather from York, and I’m marrying Gareth (my slightly grumpy but kind Welsh/Cornish hybrid chappy) in my beautiful hometown. My Uncle will marry us in his parish church, and our reception will be at a glamorous, boutique Regency townhouse hotel, which I grew up walking past on the way to my Grandparents. I’m attaching a pic of us: we don’t have many good photos of the two of us (not the *only* reason we’re getting married, honest!) and I suppose you can’t really see us properly in this one, but it’s one of my happiest memories and that seemed appropriate. Gareth’s company has an office out in Sydney & he gets sent out there every now & then. Last year he was out there for 4 months and I was lucky enough to get to fly out & join him for the last two weeks.

The story I wanted to tell you is about how we met, almost 4 years ago when we worked for competing companies, both organising tailor-made holidays by rail around the world. I was living in York, Gareth in London. We had both travelled out to Switzerland to see a stretch of the Bernina Express being awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status and we boarded the same train at Zuerich Hbf, having never met before. We were in first class and when the trolley came round, I assumed (rightly, I maintain) that the refreshments would be free of charge. The very kind waiter poured and handed me a coffee, then presented me with a bill for 5 Francs. Completely without cash, I looked around the carriage in panic in vain search of a familiar face. Gareth spotted my distress, called the waiter over and very generously settled my bill, with a smile. And so the tone was set for the future :-) We were in Switzerland together for only a few days, but by the time I boarded my plane back to the North of England, we’d barely looked away from one another. We stayed in touch on our return to the UK, determined to remain friends but not to get embroiled in a long distance relationship. After a month, and one particularly long late night phone call, I called in sick to work (almost unheard of before or since) and boarded a train to London, convinced I was being unforgiveably reckless. Fortunately, Gareth was as delighted as I was to meet again, and came to meet me at the station. We had a really quite nauseatingly romantic reunion on the platform at Kings Cross (our first kiss, if that’s not too much information!) and have been inseparable ever since. I had to gently break it to my boss that I was leaving my job and moving down South to be with a Railbooker…the enemy! I don’t think they ever forgave me. Gareth still works organising rail holidays, and I work as an Account Manager / Marketeer for the open-top sightseeing bus operator in London.

We’ve been together four years and been through some really truly challenging times together. Every second has been worth it though, and since Gareth proposed on Christmas Day, I go to sleep every night thinking about that moment when my Uncle pronounces us Husband & Wife. I get goosebumps just thinking about it, and the chance to re-live that for years to come would be simply priceless. That moment will remind us that every risk we took to be together was worthwhile.

Thank you for offering such a fabulous competition and congrats on your 10th Birthday! I’m feeling all soppy now :-)

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