Charlotte & Dudley

Saturday 21 July 2007. That was the day that many parts of the UK, mainly around Gloucestershire, Worchestershire and Warwickshire, were flooded. People were advised not to travel around these areas. This was also the day of Charlotte and Dudley’s wedding at Studley Castle in Warwickshire.

The night before the wedding, the groom and many of the guest were evacuated from their hotel due to the floods. They barely made it to Studley Castle to spend the night there. On the morning of the wedding, the rain was still pouring down, the church was hardly reachable, the road looked more like a small lake. We arrived at the castle to film Charlotte getting ready while her father and all the ushers were frantically trying to arrange new accommodations for many of their guests. This was going to be an interesting day…

But the rain stopped about half an hour before the ceremony and it stayed dry all day, they managed to have the drinks reception outdoors and the rain didn’t come back until after the fireworks late in the evening. All turned out well and Charlotte and Dudley had the most wonderful day.

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