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Double Feature and a Bonus

So I haven’t exactly been updating on a regular basis lately, apologies. To make up for the lack of blog posts over the past few weeks, there will be a double feature and a few bonus materials.

So first up, we have a trailer to the wedding video of Bisola and Temitope who tied the knot in Bristol this summer. I won’t say too much about their wedding this time (more about them later), but I would just like to say that their wedding was one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever been too. They were such a genuinely friendly and lovely couple and their enthusiasm was just contagious, it was impossible not to enjoy yourself that day.

Next up, the highlights to Jane and Richard’s wedding at St Augustine’s Priory near Ashford in Kent. I’ve already told you all about them back in August when I shared their trailer. Jane and Richard pretty much trusted us to do whatever we thought would be best for their video and based on one of Jane’s recent Facebook updates, that worked out just fine. “To all friends and family that attended it will soon be available to view online! Its not your usual trad wedding vid,its a lil bit funked up & bloody great if I say so myself! …..Sylvia & Niels of Ever After ur the ‘nuts ‘ guys! Thanks sooooo much! X”

And now on to the bonus material. Anyone who knows us, knows that we are big fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and pretty much anything made by Joss Whedon). Earlier this year, I happened to come across a website advertising a fan convention for anything Joss Whedon related for the weekend of Halloween. Seemed like a great, yet incredibly geeky, idea. So this past weekend we were in London attending HalloWhedon! There were several stars of the shows, including James Marsters and Nicholas Brendon. There were signings, talks with the stars, auctioning of memorabilia and even a dinner with James Marsters (which went for £900!!!). On Saturday evening there was a big Halloween ball, best one we’ve ever been too, so many people in fabulous costumes. We had a blast the whole weekend!

7 Years of Wedded Bliss

Today Niels and I are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary and I can honestly say we’re still as happy (if not happier!) as we were that day! I just love being married to him!

Ever After’s Latest Showreel

Have a look at our award winning showreel! We hope you’ll enjoy it.


Well, it was inevitable, I am now officially part of the 30-something club. So far, no complaints! The past 2 weeks have been thoroughly enjoyable, spending our time at Walt Disney World in sunny Florida. OK, so maybe the heat and the humidity was a bit too much for my comfort, but boy did we have fun!!!

Really, I can’t recommend this place highly enough. So it is a bit cheesy, all a bit fake, claiming to be the happiest place on earth, … but it works, you just can’t help but be happy when you’re there. Disney manages to suppress the cynic and sarcast in me and bring out a more fluffier side and somehow I let them get away with it 😉

We went to Disney World 2 years ago for Niels’ 30th birthday too, but this time we stayed at Disney hotel so we’d have the Disney magic 24/7. We stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside, which had a theme of the Mississippi-bayou area of the Old South, on one side there are plantation-style mansions (think Gone with the Wind), the other side is a bit more quaint with smaller rustic, weathered-wood buildings with tin roofs. The whole resort is immaculately maintained, luscious gardening, it is simply stunning. Ideal for a romantic evening walk (if you can still manage to move your feet after a day in the parks!). There’s also plenty of wildlife around: ducks, squirrels, rabbits, cute tiny lizards and one freaky turtle. Really freaky turtle! It seems that a lizard and a turtle had a few too many margaritas one night and this is the result:

Freaky Turtle

So we did spent just about all our time at the theme parks, just couldn’t get enough of it, especially the new ride they have the Hollywood Studios: Toy Story Mania. We went again and again and again and again and again and then a few more times. We managed to get quite good at it. Another fun thing was having breakfast and dinner with some of the Disney cast, although Niels does seem a bit spooked…

minnie and me Chip and Niels

One of the best things at Disney are the fireworks, every single evening. I just love fireworks and the ones at Disney are without doubt the best I’ve ever seen (I’ll have to share those when I get round to editing our vacation video, this might take a while though, there are a few other videos that I have to finish first).

We did venture away from the theme parks and Orlando on Saturday 31 May. We took a trip just over an hour’s drive east from Orlando to Titusville. We soon noticed we weren’t the only people who decided to spend the afternoon there. We managed to find a nice parking spot and spent the next 2 hours in the blistering heat, it was horrible. But then at 5.02pm we watched a short 2 minute spectacle across the water. As soon as it was over we tried to head back to Orlando, however, several thousands others tried to do just that too and the result was a 3 hour traffic jam… Oh well, it was all worth it just to see this:

Space Shuttle Launch

Yup, we went to see the space shuttle Discovery launch. There won’t be many more of these as they are retiring the space shuttle. We didn’t manage to escape Disney though as Buzz Lightyear was one the passengers!

So now we’re back, back behind my computer, ready to start editing again and dreaming of our next trip to Walt Disney World…

Sylvia & Niels at Walt Disney World

Birthday Boy!

We celebrated Niels’ birthday this weekend. We had a meeting with clients down in Kent on Saturday and decided to combine this with a day off for Niels’ birthday. We visited Leeds Castle on Saturday afternoon, unfortunately the weather wasn’t that great. The good thing is that an entry ticket to Leeds Castle is valid for one year and as we’ve got a few weddings in that area this year, we’ll hopefully be able to visit when the weather is a bit nicer. But even in bad weather, this place won’t fail to impress you!

Niels & Sylvia at Leeds Castle Leeds Castle

On Sunday, his birthday, we drove back up to Sheffield and visited Burghley House in Stamford along the way. This time the weather was perfect. The house itself wasn’t open to visit yet, but we spent the whole afternoon walking in the gardens of house and enjoying the scenery. Definitely worth another visit too!

Burghley HouseBurghley House

Birthday Boy!The Birthday Boy!

Our first post

A first post of a blog is never easy. What will grab people’s attention? How do we make sure they will visit again? We thought we’d start the blog with a video (Ever After is a video production company after all). Rather than showing some of our professional work, we thought we’d start of with something personal. This is the trailer for our latest vacation video. Yes, we can’t help working even on holidays, we do however use a small consumer camera like any other tourist!

Do keep visiting this page over the next couple of days as we’ll start adding quite a few of our recent wedding videos!


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