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A heart warming proposal story

Here’s the current front runner to win the £25 Amazon voucher in our proposal story competition. It’s a truly heart warming story and I wanted to share it with as many people as possible.

“In 2004, Ever After did an amazing job filming my wedding to my love, Adam. It was a financial splurge at the time, but when we saw the finished product we were absolutely thrilled. A year later, my Adam was killed by an elderly driver, and that DVD became one of my most treasured possessions. At that time, I was 28 years old, widowed, and suffering from two auto-immune diseases. My family and friends gave me the will to go on, and try to find happiness for myself, but I felt that I had a great love, and lost it, and had resigned myself to being on my own. It was not the life I’d imagined, but I was ok with that.

Annie on her wedding day in 2004

In 2008, my friend Paul, who was also a friend of my late husband, had become one of my closest friends. Spending time with him & his rescue dog, Blossom, had become the highlight of my week. He invited me to a New Year’s party, hoping to introduce me to some of his nice, single friends and get me dating again. Much to my surprise, I kept comparing those friends to Paul and finding them wanting- for one thing, they didn’t come with a rock star 60 lb lapdog!

Just after midnight, fortified by some champagne, and the feeling I was looking pretty good in a fairly short skirt (I suspect this was also champagne related), I planted one on Paul, to his complete shock (to be fair, I kind of pounced on him, like a spider-monkey.)

Fortunately for me, he was happily shocked, and so began a new relationship, and the belief that it maybe was possible to have more than one chance at a true, great love.

In 2010, on a trip to Spain for a dear friend’s wedding, we were on a catamaran sunset cruise in Valencia when he stunned me and proposed! Paul had carried a ring all the way from Boston to Spain and floored me with an incredibly romantic proposal. I actually thought he was tying his shoe and then started wondering if somehow I hadn’t realized he didn’t know how to tie a shoe, he’d been crouching so long. I looked down, snarky shoe-tying teasing remark on my lips, and saw him kneeling, looking up at me, holding a ring.

I never thought I would love again, and to be honest, I didn’t really know if I wanted to, but Paul made me believe, for the first time in a long time, that someone with as much physical and emotional baggage as I have still has a chance at a ‘happily ever after.’ He loves me, even with all my illness and grief. He’s become an expert at giving me injections, he knows which hospitals have the best ERs, he lets me rest my feet in his lap as I knit each night, he brings me meds & snacks when my arthritis is bad, and he never, ever complains when I put my freezing feet on him at night.

At 34, my life has had a lot of tragedy, loss, and too much pain for one person to really process sometimes, but more than anything I am overwhelmed by love. The love I’ll always have for Adam, the love I feel for my family and friends, and the love I never expected to find again, with Paul. I cannot wait to marry this incredibly kind, patient, loving and wonderful man, and start a new chapter in our lives together. I am one lucky bitch.” Annie Bell

If you want to enter your proposal story, just go to our Facebook page and get your friends and family to vote for yours!

Guess who’s in Style Me Pretty’s Little Black Book

I promised I would share some lovely news with you today.

As you may well know, there are tons of wedding blogs out there these days; we’ve been following several of them for years now. One of our favourites is Style Me Pretty, it’s always ever so stylish and elegant and they feature some of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen. We had been wondering for a while now if we should apply to become one of their recommended vendors. Unlike many regular wedding website where you just pay to advertise, Style Me Pretty has a rather vigorous vetting process.

As they say so themselves: “Style Me Pretty’s Little Black Book is a highly edited collection of wedding service providers – from mom and pop boutiques to A-Listers. Bottom line, these vendors are the best of the best.

And another thing we really appreciate about Style Me Pretty is that they recognise the true value of wedding films.

One of our favorite parts of the wedding experience is the wedding video that follows, as they often capture the wedding in a way that is nearly tangible. We’re not talking about your average, run of the mill wedding videos. We’re talking about wedding cinema that is stunning in its depth, captivating in its authenticity, timeless in its composure. Wedding cinema that gives you a front row seat to the most gorgeous weddings you’ve ever seen, that makes you feel like you are one of the invited guests. They will make you cry, they will make you laugh, they will quite possibly bring out the total romantic in you no matter how many times you view them.”

So we went ahead and send our CV to Style Me Pretty, within a few days we were accepted! You can now find us in their Little Black Book, under Destination Vendors (you know we like to travel), in London, and as the first ever listing for the Netherlands!

The Best Wedding Vendors - The Little Black Book


Competition time!

Yesterday we started of the Ever After Birthday Celebrations with 10% discount offer for anyone who books us during the 10 days of festivities. Today, we just started the first of our celebratory competitions on our Facebook page!

Share your personal proposal story with us and you could win a £25 Amazon gift voucher. The winning proposal will be the one receiving the most “likes” and comments, giving 1 point for every “like” and 2 points for every comment.

So post the story of how you got engaged on our wall and share it with all your friends so they can vote for you. The competition is open to anyone, from current and past clients to people who just like what we do anywhere in the world, but make sure you post it before 24 February as that’s when the competition closes!

We’d love to hear as many proposal stories as possible, whether it was an elaborately planned proposal (like Elizabeth and Andi’s engagement video proposal) or a spur of the moment proposal, we want to hear about it! And even if you don’t want to share your engagement story, why not share this competition with your friends? I’m sure we can all do with a dose of pure loveliness!

And as I said, this is just the first competition. We will be having a few more and some give aways too over the next few days, with a grand prize on the final day. So check in daily!

We also have some lovely news coming up, can’t wait to share that with you all tomorrow!


Ever After celebrates its 10th Birthday!

10 Years ago today I filmed my very first wedding. I was in my final year at university, doing a BA(hons) in Film Studies and as much as I was enjoying the carefree student lifestyle, I had to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. Being a newly-wed, I put two and two together and thought to myself: filming weddings, this could be fun. So via the wonders of the internet I found two willing victims, Debbie and Neil, who were getting married on Valentine’s Day 2002 at the Lancashire Country Cricket Club in Manchester. On our way from Sheffield to Manchester we obviously got stuck in traffic, but managed to arrive just 5 minutes before the start of the ceremony, phew! After that day, I was hooked; this is what I would do once I graduated. So, armed with a business plan I went to bank and managed to get a small business loan, which along with a kind investment from my parents meant that I could buy a really nice camera and all the other equipment I needed to get started. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, 10 years later, I can honestly say, starting Ever After is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made (along with marrying Niels and moving from Belgium to England). This job has given me so much more than I ever could have imagined. I’ve made some amazing friends for life, it has taken us to far-flung places all over the globe and I get to share in the happiness of some many wonderful couples.

So starting today, we are celebrating 10 days long! We’d like to thank and each and every one of you who have helped make Ever After into the fantastic company it is today. For 10 days, we’ll have give-aways, competitions and all-round good fun on our Facebook page. So make sure you visit us as every day will be different! And on the last day, there will be quite a big price, so stay tuned for that one!

And just so you know, during these 10 days, anyone who books their wedding with us will receive a 10% discount on all our main packages.

Katie & Mark, a Humanist Wedding

With most of the UK covered under a white snowy blanket, I thought I’d warm you up with a nice summery clip. Katie and Mark got married at the gorgeous Wakehurst Place in Sussex, a venue chosen with care as Katie used to work here. It was pretty much picture perfect: marvellous venue, great venue coordinator, beautiful gardens and even a lovely summer’s day!
We had had great time working with the Katie, the coordinator, and Martin Briggs, photographer of the day. A special mention must also go to Vivienne Donnithorne, the celebrant. Vivienne designed and presided over the humanist wedding ceremony. Throughout the ceremony we were told of the journey that brought Katie and Mark to this day. It was without a doubt one of the most personal ceremonies we had the pleasure of filming and by the end we really felt we knew the couple a bit better. It was easy to tell their wedding meant a lot to Katie and Mark as the whole day had personal little touches. My favourite without a doubt was the gorgeous Kiwi-shaped wedding cake especially made by one of the aunties!

Humanist wedding ceremonies are still a bit of a rarity here in England. Unlike Scotland, we don’t seem to have moved with the times and humanist ceremonies are not yet legally  binding and thus still require a civil ceremony first. I can honestly say as far as ceremonies go, this type of celebration is a personal as it gets. The British Humanist Association has been campaigning to try and get recognition for their wedding ceremonies from the government. As the government so far failed to act, I’d like to encourage you to sign their petition and make sure England no longer trails behind Scotland!



It’s all about THE dress…

I’m sure nobody doubts that Ever After specialises in making your wedding memories last a lifetime. We do occasionally embark on other little projects and I think it is time that we share one of those on our blog, especially as this little project is actually wedding related as well!

The number one priority of a bride is more often than not ‘The Dress’.  Over the years we’ve seen wedding dresses in all sorts and shapes, and when Kittie and Dulcie contacted us to film their new vintage inspired line of dresses, we jumped on the opportunity to get a sneak peek of their fabulous dresses. During the hustle and bustle time of hair and make-up we took a few shots of the dresses on a hanger and captured the electric atmosphere that was brewing.

The shoot took place in central London. The operational base of the day couldn’t have been located any better: right next to Spitalfield market and the quaint shop Dolly Dare.  Yep, the vintage inspiration really came through even in the locations. Once the models were dressed and ready, we walked around the corner to start shooting. This being London, nobody gave our troop of models, dressers, hair and make-up artists or cinematographers a second look. The joys of working in our capital; I’m sure we would have stopped traffic in a lot of other places.

We had a great time filming and chatting about dress making. A few weeks later we completed our brief and had some catwalk-style shots ready for the website. Of course we couldn’t resist making a little clip to capture this day. I hope you’ll enjoy it and make sure to visit the Kitty and Dulcie website to see the catwalk shots of the dresses.

A Holiday Deal

Just over 2 weeks to go until Christmas and here at Ever After, we have a little special offer on. Starting early next year, we will have a big overhaul of our packages, so to celebrate to old going out we thought, we’d offer a 10% discount on all our main packages, provided that they are booked by Christmas. Just think about what that 10% discount could get you, a pair a Jimmy Choo shoes, a harpist playing at your reception, a honeymoon room upgrade, … So I’d suggest you don’t delay and get in touch now.

Katie & Mark: A teaser from Wakehurst Place

On the last Saturday of July, we had the pleasure of filming the wedding of Katie and Mark at Wakehurst Place in Sussex. They could not have chosen a better day, for the first time in July we could actully say it was a gorgeous summer day! Both the house and the gardens at Wakehurst Place made for a gorgeous setting and Katie, the coordinator, made sure their wedding day was just perfect. Katie and Mark had chosen to have a humanist wedding ceremony, which was a pleasure to attend and film. Vivienne Donnithorne, the celebrant, had designed the ceremony together with Katie and Mark. The result was a truly personal and touching ceremony during which you really got to know the couple.

During the day we worked alongside Martin Briggs, who was a true pleasure to work with. He even noticed our gorgeous collection of vintage lenses. His quirky sense of humour meant we had a lot fun in the down time as well. Our couple was quite adventurous which resulted in a couple of great and unusual shots. Sylvia especially loved the purple Converse shoes that Katie brought along for the evening party.

Here’s a little taster of the day:


The wedding of Kate and Karl, Ringwood Hall Hotel, Chesterfield

Posting a new video on the blog is long overdue, so let me take you back to last summer. Ringwood Hall Hotel in Chesterfield was the gorgeous setting of Kate and Karl’s wedding. From a first meeting, more than a year prior to their wedding, Kate and Karl described their wedding as a bit unusual and they did not dissappoint. Although on the surface it seemed like a regular wedding day, the unusual sound bits we picked up as well the unique sax-solo instead of the traditional string quartet set the tone for this day filled with fun and enjoyment.
While getting some shots before the start of the ceremony, a familiar face appeared in my viewfinder: one of our friends from Sylvia’s university days. When we heard he knew the groom from his MA in Filmstudies, we immediately understood his eclectic, unusual and remarkably similar taste in films. No extra pressure there then! Kate looked stunning and even Karl, who claims not be a romantic, clearly had a moment when she appeared. We got some great footage and really enjoyed working with Ryane Browne, the photographer of the day. You can see some the pictures he took on his blog. In the evening everyone enjoyed a great barbeque and the rather  ‘funky dance moves’ of Karl!  Won’t easily forget those…
So please take a moment and enjoy this lovely summer’s wedding from Ringwood Hall.


A Save the Date filmed in Vienna

Back in September we received an email from a couple, Andi and Elizabeth, in Singapore looking for someone to do an engagement shoot in Europe. As they are from South East Asia, they are pretty much spoiled for choice over there when it comes to amazing event filmmakers, luckily for us they found us thanks to EventDV.
The options for shooting locations were Paris or Vienna. Now Vienna is my favourite city in the world (contrary to popular believe, it isn’t Orlando) so I was eager to to convince the couple of Vienna’s beauty. Since they were looking for a more Christmassy atmosphere for the video and the fact that the photographer was already meeting them in Paris, it was an easy sell. Queue a small script being written, a bunch of emails back and forward and before we knew it, our tickets to Vienna were ordered, the shoot in Vienna would be on 21 December.

Fast forward to Saturday 18 December, snow descents on the United Kingdom, traffic in the country comes to a standstill and most flights from London Heathrow airport are cancelled. We are due to fly early on Sunday morning (we were going to drive down on Saturday). We anxiously listened to every news update, followed British Airways and Heathrow Airport on Twitter for any last minute updates. Things only went from bad to worse. Around 4pm on Saturday afternoon we received an email from British Airways to inform us that our flight was cancelled. Panic! How were we going to get to Vienna?!? Earlier in the day I had already been looking at options of driving down, but this would be a hopeless mission as traffic throughout France and Germany was possibly even worse than in the UK due the snow there. Trains? Again, frozen rails in Germany put a stop to that option. So at 4pm on Saturday we are faced with a dilemma, give up or find another way?

Another quick search on the internet and I found an option to get to Vienna via Brussels Airport, which hadn’t succumbed to the snow yet. This would mean a drive down from Sheffield to Dover, get on a ferry, drive partly through France and into Belgium. OK, we can do this! New flight booked for Sunday afternoon, jumped in the car with plenty of food and blankets and drove down to Dover. This drive normally takes us about 4 hours, this time it was 8. Then 2 hours on the ferry and a 2 hour drive to Brussels. Luckily my parents live just outside of Brussels, so we had a quick stopover there for a quick bite and quick shower. But the snow wasn’t far behind us. As we arrived at Brussels Airport, the first snowflakes started falling. This was not good news! We still had 3 hours until our flight, surely, it wouldn’t be a problem. Right? No. Because you see, an inch of snow in Brussels and everything grinds to a slow and painful halt.

Our 3pm flight got cancelled , luckily the airline staff managed to book us on a later flight, at 6.30pm. But the weather really wasn’t on our side, flight after flight got cancelled, less than 1 in 10 flights took off from the airport. 6.30pm came and went and our flight still wasn’t cancelled, but delayed, and delayed again and delayed again. Around 9pm, as if by miracle, we boarded the plane! At that point I assumed that it would soon start snowing again and the runway wouldn’t be clear. It wasn’t until we were up in the air, that I actually believed we were going to Vienna. We finally arrived at our hotel in Vienna at 12.30am, after travelling for 30 hours without sleep or a proper meal.

It wasn’t just us trying to get to Vienna… Andi and Elizabeth were struggling too and wondering if they were going to make it. The whole of Europe was suffering from the snow and it had affected their travel plans too. But they made and we made it. Phew!

On Monday we went on a scouting mission through Vienna, we’d been a few years before so knew the city pretty well, but as we were relying on public transport we needed to make sure of the most efficient routes. That day was absolutely beautiful, clear blue skies, glistening snow all around Vienna (somehow they can manage snow in Austria…).

The day of the shoot… Mist… Fog… Mist… Our first location was the park of the gorgeous Schonbrunn Palace, as we entered the park, we said “you’ll soon see this amazing palace”. Well, they didn’t, not until they got really close to it, which made it a nice surprise actually. But we had to revise our schedule as we had planned to do shoots at certain locations in the park which required the view of the palace and another setting which was now out of reach. A snowball fight took care of that disappointment, especially as Elizabeth had never done one! We took Elizabeth and Andi to all the most important sites in Vienna. In the meantime we were also their tour guides for the day. This was something they luckily really appreciated as even though they’d travelled to Paris and Prague earlier in the trip, they didn’t manage to see much of the cities. Our shoot was designed to make the most out of their short stay in Vienna. When I heard her say “I like Vienna better than Paris” I knew my mission was accomplished.

With the shoot over, Niels and I still had until Friday to enjoy Vienna. Friday being Christmas Eve, and a flight due home that evening. In case you’re wondering: yep snowfall affected that journey as well, but that’s a whole different story.
Anyway, we are making 2 clips for the couple. The first is a small trailer/save the date video. The other is a video to be screened at their wedding in Bali.

If you’ve managed to read through all this, I applaud you. Feel free to watch Elizabeth and Andi’s Save the Date…

Elizabeth & Andi – Save the Date from EverAfterVideos on Vimeo.

To find out more about our wedding videos, please visit our website.

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