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Perfect weddings

Don’t you just love it when every part of a wedding comes together perfectly? We recently had the pleasure of filming Stephanie and Luke’s wedding at Gate Street Barn in Surrey and we couldn’t have wished for a better day.

Sweet couple – check

Friendly families – check

Fun guests – check

Beautiful venue – check

Considerate registrars – check

Great weather – check

The best line up of other suppliers imaginable – check!

Stephanie & Luke at Gate Street Barn from EverAfterVideos on Vimeo.

It must have been about 10 years ago since we first had the pleasure of working with Rob from Shooting Hip and it had been a fair while since we last worked with him, but things are always more fun when you get to work with one of your favourite photographers. And then there was ever helpful Chris Haslam proving the sound for the day. Kalm Kitchen provided us all with delicious food and service while Gate Street Barn was incredibly welcoming and accommodating.


The fact that Stephanie’s family is Dutch provided an extra layer of enjoyment for us, giving us a chance to hear and speak a bit of Dutch while confusing those around us. Stephanie and Luke opted for a Same Day Edit (have I ever mentioned how much I relish the utter adrenaline rush this brings?) which was played on a continuous repeat the day after the wedding at a large family gathering at Stephanie’s parents’ house. This was such a lovely wedding with a host of gentle little touches, from the Stephanie’s wink to Luke during the vows and the performance of Stephanie’s Dutch relatives during the speeches to the song choice during the ceremony surprising Luke’s parents and a most courteous best man who seemed more nervous than the groom. People make for good weddings, and Stephanie and Luke certainly managed to surround themselves with the best people!

Stephanie and Luke's Same Day Edit

Stephanie and Luke


Venue: Gate Street Barn

Photographer: Shooting Hip

DJ: Chess Disco

Catering: Kalm Kitchen

Flowers: Gill Pike Florist

A Tangled Wedding

We’ve been filming weddings since 2002, and last year, a dream finally came true: film a wedding in Disney World! Yes, Niels and I are Disney fans. We were both lucky enough to celebrate our 30th birthdays at Disney World and fell in love with the place. The complete escape from reality, no cares in the world, just happiness, pure unadulterated happiness. So we were over the moon when Melanie and Aaron asked to film their fairytale wedding there.

Melanie & Aaron's Little Teaser from EverAfterVideos on Vimeo.

We arrived a few days early, with the aim of getting some amazing timelapse and establishing shots, as well as spend some time in the parks having fun. Unfortunately, the long plane ride left me with a bug and I spent most of time in our hotel room with a cold and a sore throat feeling sorry for myself and hoping I’d feel better by the time of the wedding. And I did, well, not quite as healthy as I’d like, but armed with a serious dose of painkillers I was able to make it.

The day started off for me at the Grand Floridian hotel where Melanie was getting all beautiful, while Niels set off to the Contemporary Resort to film the men struggling to get their ties on. A short but sweet ceremony took place at the Wedding Pavilion, overlooking the Magic Kingdom. After the ceremony, a short carriage ride took us to the monorail, any Disney World fan knows that a day there wouldn’t be complete without a trip on the monorail! The reception took place at the Contemporary Resort, where the ballroom was transformed into a Tangled themed dreamscape. Mickey and Minnie showed up to help cut the cake and dance the night away, and even Rapunzel and Flynn made a surprise appearance. The perfect day ended with the dessert party and a magnificent view of the Wishes fireworks. We were so happy to have been part of Melanie and Aaron’s day.

Now, is anybody else planning a wedding at Disney World? Please contact us!!!


Ceremony: Wedding Pavilion, Disney World

Reception: Contemporary Resort, Disney World

Photography: Randy Chapman

Wedding Dress: Margaret Annya Bridal Couture





Me, so happy to be filming a wedding in Disney World!





All I want for Christmas …

Wow, it has been a while since I updated the blog. We have most certainly been busy here at Ever After and I promise I’ll let you know in a later blog post. There are plenty of summer clips ready to share with you, but I thought I’d update the blog with the most recent clip first and there’s a very good reason for that!

We’re about halfway through the festive season now and December weddings always have something Christmassy about them, you can either embrace it or fight a lost fight. Lucy and Patrick definitely embraced the Christmas cheer. The gorgeous setting of Goodwood House was the amazing backdrop for their wedding. Lucy clearly wanted to make the most out of her wedding day! Her packed day started at 6.00am for the girls, her bridesmaids must like her a lot!

After a fun getting-ready at the Goodwood Hotel, everyone went down to the house in a vintage bus for a 2 pm ceremony. Although the house was already decorated with the Christmas cheer, Lucy had her florists add a few more accents: an unmissable giant mistletoe ball at the very entrance of the house. With some fairy lights strung through it, this was one feature you could not miss. The singers treated the guests to some wonderful carols, including an impromptu carol sing-along when the signing took a bit longer than expected.

Throughout the day we worked alongside Ria from Roses and Poses and had a blast while rushing around making sure we got all our shots. This time there were a few extra unusual shots to get as I’m sure you will notice from the little teaser clip I’m sharing today.


All I want for Christmas from EverAfterVideos on Vimeo.

A most amazing wedding party at Ellenborough Park

Every so often you film a wedding that isn’t just memorable but will re-define your expectations. When Laura contacted us many months ago to film her wedding, she mentioned that she was using the same planner as her sister Sarah a few years before. We remembered Liz from TLC straight away and we knew this would be a wedding to remember.

Ellenborough Park is a beautiful setting at any time, but Liz transformed it into a most amazing backdrop for the ultimate wedding party.

After a few drops of rain and an amazing musical performance, Laura walked down the aisle in a beautiful gown by Sassi Holford to join Nic. The tone for the wedding day was set: gorgeous backdrops, amazing flower arrangements and excellent music performances. After the ceremony our couple and guests walked to the marquee under the musical accompaniment of the London Essentials: a wonderful sounding , fun-loving and quirky gem of a band. By the end of the drinks reception, the marquee provided a perfect and stunning shelter for a typically British downpour.

The real party started with “the big reveal”, curtains opened and a magnificent dining room was revealed: stunning table settings, gorgeous flowers, a beautiful lighting design and of course more amazing music and dancing. The party had definitely started! With music throughout, every break between courses made the most of the enormous dance floor.  Without further ado: have a look for yourself and enjoy the same day edit.

Laura & Nicholas, Same Day Edit from EverAfterVideos on Vimeo.


Venue: Ellenborough Park

Wedding Planner: Taylor Lynn Corporation

Wedding Dress: Sassi Holford

Photographer: Lawson Photography

Music: London Essentials

The wedding of Helen & Matt

As you might remember, a few month ago I shared the same day edit of Helen and Matt, giving you a glimpse into their big day. It’s now time to share a bit more of this fantastic day. From start to finish, their big day was pretty much picture perfect. Starting at the gorgeous setting of Helen’s parent’s home over a wonderful ceremony with brass band music and finishing in a big party at Tankersley Manor.

Although I was pretty busy all day with the Same Day Edit, it was wonderful to come across some familiar faces at the wedding. Our friend Matt Lollar took care of the photography, which resulted in some great shots as as well as a lot of fun. In the evening he even convinced us to be on the ‘other’ side of the lens and took some hilarious fancy dress pictures of the whole team in the photo booth. Just check out our Facebook page if you’d like to see this rather rare evidence of us on the wrong side of a camera.

The evening entertainment didn’t stop there, one of our favourite bands was playing: The Bootleggers! I first encountered them during way back at one of our first weddings when I had just started Ever After in 2002 and ever since they’ve proven to really get the party started. And as you’ll see below, in this case they also got the video started.

Without further ado, please enjoy Helen and Matt’s wedding film!

The Wedding of Helen & Matt from EverAfterVideos on Vimeo.

Jessica & Ben’s Same Day Edit at the Belle Mer, Newport R.I.

When Jessica got in touch with us over a year ago and we started chatting about her wedding day, it became clear very quickly that this would be one amazing wedding. 2 Days ago the wedding day was finally upon us and it was every bit as great as as we anticipated. From the stunning setting in Newport, Rhode Island, the amazing Belle Mer venue, the trolley, the wedding entertainment to the amazing after party on a yacht: this was surely a day that everyone will remember.

With 6 bridesmaids, 2 flower girls and 2 adorable page boys, it was quite a full house when everyone was getting ready early in the morning. And early it was, a 6am start! Ben and Jesscia were clearly set on making this day last as long as they could. Jessica looked amazing in her dress, so it was no wonder to see Ben getting a little emotional at the first look.

 After a beautiful ceremony at the beautiful St Joseph’s Church, where Ben’s aunt delighted all of us with the most beautiful operatic voice, it was time to navigate through Newport’s traffic for photos and cocktail hour. The bridal party introductions were quite a sight, you don’t often see this combined with amazingly acrobatic cheerleaders! During the dinner everyone was treated to some great and equally unusual entertainment, I’m sure the polerina performance was a firm favourite! After the dancing and before setting off for the yacht, we screened the Same Day Edit with the assistance of the ever so helpful DJ Peter.

So without further ado, here’s the Same Day Edit.


And the winner is…

It’s been quite the week for us here at Ever After, our competition to win a free wedding film amazed us beyond belief. We had so much fun following the contestants gather votes, campaigning on Facebook and Twitter, reading the comments left by their friends, families and complete strangers. It was truly rather special.

The first few days, votes came in steadily, and then on Wednesday, it all seemed to explode as our 2 front runners were neck and neck. Within the space of 24 hours, hundreds of people entered their vote and literally until the last minute, it could have gone either way.

But only one couple could emerge victoriously and that couple is Rebecca And Jonathan!

So we asked Rebecca to share her story of the past week:

“Jonathan has an image of him sitting with our grandchildren forcing them to watch our wedding film and look through the album for the 20th time but unfortunately we had no budget at all for videography, so the competition was really important to us. We were delighted to be shortlisted and started emailing our friends straight away. The ball started rolling quite slowly and it was great fun to see us catch up the early leaders, and pass them around the 80 votes mark. It wasn’t until Natalie & Gavin put on about 80 votes in one evening, storming into second, did we realise this was getting serious. We’re not talking war in the Arab States or child protection issues here but checking where we were in the race as the last thing you do at night and the first thing you do in the morning, became quite stressful! On Wednesday when Natalie & Gavin finally passed us we’re not going to lie, we were gutted… that was around the 190 mark and we did not think we had that many more votes to come.

We had no idea how wonderful our friends, colleagues, friends of friends etc. would be in helping us – even total strangers via twitter or comments from our friends. There were times when we were as much as 40 votes in front only to be behind by 20 a few hours later. We were just in front midday on the final day and then things went insane… the last 12 hours involved intense emailing, facebooking and tweeting. It’s a shame someone didn’t graph the progress because the lead must have changed 15 times. We were 30 votes behind at one point with only a few hours remaining and we were contemplating throwing in the towel but our friends and family completely blew us away with their help. This was more of a battle than we had imagined letting ourselves in for!

The numbers were going crazy… 300, 400, 500!!! We had no idea we’d get that many. We really thought people had gone to bed by 11pm and so were relying on people around the world in the US, NZ and Oz to keep things going. Then we started getting messages of support from all over… some people must have re-posted 4, 5, 6 times on their facebook account; people were tweeting for us; people were emailing, texting, facebook messaging. More than once we burst out laughing from one post or another… one friend said watching the voting was more dramatic than Corrie. Several more just didn’t want to go to bed until they knew the result. Jonathan didn’t want to know the scores for most of the evening but Becca kept taking sneaky peaks and then several people told us we’d gone into the lead.

Time dragged in the final two hours until we got to 11.30pm and then it went in the blink of an eye. Although it appeared we had won, 552 to 545, without confirmation we didn’t want to post it, despite so many of our friends and family asking if we had or congratulating us. It was great to get the email this morning… we’re delighted but it was a lot of hard work. We move house next week and we’ve hardly packed a thing, the house is a bombsite and the dog is miserable from being ignored!

We want to take this opportunity to thank, yet again, all our wonderful friends and family, and the friends of those friends, people we’ve never met before who took the time to help us. Commiserations go to the other couples and we know you’ll have incredibly special days regardless… it was a tremendous battle, and you fought well! As for us, if we can work together like that in our marriage the two of us will have a long and happy life together, but for now, we’re shattered and have promised each other and all those people that helped us that we will never do that again. We are absolutely over the moon to be working with Ever After Films and can’t wait to celebrate our big day.”

We’d like to thank all our couples for entering, you were all so lovely! We truly wish you all a most wonderful and magical wedding day (and hopefully we can still be part of it somehow ;-))

And of course, a big thank you to all the people who voted, whether you knew your favourite couple or you were just a stranger enchanted by their story, we and the contestants are very grateful for the time you took to help them all out.

The Finalists to our Win a FREE WEDDING Film competition

Time to announce the finalists to our “Win a Free Wedding Film”-Competition. We’ve had so many lovely entries and it was really hard to narrow them down to just a few. We originally thought we would choose 3 finalists, but became clear that that would be an impossible task, so we narrowed it down to 5 finalists (click on their names to read their story).

Heather and Gareth, 23 March 2013, York

Rebecca & Jonathan, 10 November 2012, Grantham

Natalie & Gavin, 11 August 2012, York

Jo & Rob, 16 June 2012, Rickmansworth

Claire & Don, 18 August 2012, Barmby Moor


To vote for your favourite couple, just go to our Facebook page. Once you’ve “liked” our page, you will see a little “VOTE”-tab under the cover photograph. This will take you to the voting page.

Now, let me just remind you of the rules:

  • If you are not already a fan you must “Like” the page before voting (if you unlike the page after voting the vote will be removed as well!)
  • The voting tab will show up for all fans only.
  • You cannot employ voting programs or FB “Like” groups to increase your vote count and if we find out that you do, you will be disqualified.
  • No bashing other Contestants.  This goes for your friends and family as well.  If it is seen, that person’s vote will be deducted and they will be banned.
  • The voting closes on 22 March.


Once you voted, you can share this competition and your favourite couple with all your facebook friends. So if you really care about your favourite couple, start sharing!

So what will the lucky couple win? A exciting Same Day Edit clip, similar to one below. Enjoy!



We promised BIG to end our birthday celebrations with and here it is! A few weeks ago we mentioned on our Facebook page that we were planning these celebrations and were wondering what to do. The opinions were divided between a big party and giving away a free wedding film. Well, 10 years ago we started with giving away a free wedding film to a couple who were willing to give us a chance. We think it’s time to do that again, so we decided to give away a FREE WEDDING FILM to one lucky couple!

Here’s how it will work:

The prize:

A Wedding Film by Ever After

This will be an Extended Same Day Edit, to be projected on the wedding day itself. (you can find an example of an Extended Same Day Edit here)

It includes coverage from the bride’s prep up to the first dance and will be delivered on 3 DVDs and online on our blog.


How to enter:

Email us a photo of the two of you together and let us know your wedding date and wedding venue. Include a short story telling us about you, why a wedding film is important to you and what would be the one thing you would love to have captured on your day. Send the email to  You will receive a confirmation of your entry within 48 hours.  Finalists will be announced on 15 March. Then we start the public vote.


  • Must be getting married between April 1st 2012 and March 31st 2013.
  • Wedding Date must be one that is not already booked.
  • You must LOVE our wedding films and be really excited about working with us.
  • You must not be already booked with another wedding filmmaker
  • Entrance Deadline: March 13th, 2012
  • Finalists will be announced by March 15th 2012
  • Voting Ends: midnight on March 22nd, 2011


How to Vote:

  • Visit Ever After Facebook page by clicking here
  • If you are not already a fan you must “Like” the page before voting (if you unlike the page after voting the vote will be removed as well!)
  • The voting tab will show up for all fans only.  Direct link will be posted here when it goes up.
  • Vote for the couple of your choice.


The Small Print:

  • This competition is open to couples in the UK and abroad who are getting married between April 1st 2012 and March 31st 2013
  • You cannot employ voting programs or FB “Like” groups to increase your vote count and if we find out that you do, you will be disqualified.
  • The Prize have no redeemable value, but can be used to upgrade to one of other packages
  • The Prize cannot be given to someone else as a gift.
  • If the wedding is beyond a 300 miles radius of Sheffield or within central London, a travel fee will apply (ask us if you are unsure or need a quote) .
  • For international weddings: As it is difficult to travel with all the equipment required for a Same Day Edit, the prize would be slightly different and would consist of an extended highlights clip of your wedding (an example of an Extended Highlights clip can be found here). 50% of travel fee is due within 14 days of winner announcement or prize will be awarded to the second place winner.
  • No bashing other Contestants.  This goes for your friends and family as well.  If it is seen, that person’s vote will be deducted and they will be banned.
  • Date must be one that is not already booked by another Ever After client.
  • Current clients of Ever After are unfortunately not eligible to enter the competition.


BUT WAIT! There’s more!

To those of you who love Ever After, but are not engaged, we don’t want to leave you out. If you refer a contestant to our contest and they WIN, you WIN TOO!!!  You will win a £100 Amazon Gift Voucher.   The contestant must let us know in their entry email that you referred them in order to be eligible.


If you have any questions regarding the competition, just send us email!

Time to give away something big!

We’re just over halfway through our 10 day celebrations.

On day 1 we announced the 10% discount for any new bookings during our 10 day celebrations.

Day 2: the competition to win an Amazon gift voucher for the best proposal story on our Facebook wall (you can still enter)

Day 3: the lovely news that we were accepted to Style Me Pretty’s Little Black Book

Day 4: giving away an extra copy of their wedding DVD to 3 of our past couples (entries for this close tonight)

Day 5: a new clip on our blog

Day 6: it’s time to give away something a bit bigger.

How about a FREE bridal elegance,  engagement shoot or a save the date clip? That’s pretty cool, right. So what do you need to do get your hands on this one? Just send us a quick email to let us know you are interested, we need to receive the email by 24 February. We will choose one email randomly. Anybody is welcome to enter this competition, it’s not just for our current or past clients! Now there are two little rules attached to this win: 1. it has to be in the Sheffield area (or if you really insist on doing elsewhere, we will have to ask you to cover our travel expenses); and 2. The shoot has to be completed in 1 day. Simple, right?

You can come up with your own ideas, or a theme, or you can just leave it up to us. We can guarantee you a day of fun filming it all, and a little film that you will surely treasure forever.

So if you’re interested in seeing some examples why not check out these clips:

Vanessa’ Bridal Elegance, filmed in Sheffield

Elizabeth & Andi Engagement Film set in Vienna

Evelyne’s Trash the Dress filmed in Belgium


The Best Wedding Vendors - The Little Black Book
Rock n Roll Bride