Arwen & Anthony’s Extended Same Day Edit at Comlonglon Castle, Scotland

On Friday we were up in Scotland to film Arwen and Anthony’s wedding at Comlonglon Castle. It had been nearly 2 years since we visited Comlonglon for Donna & John’s wedding and we were happy to be back. It is such a wonderful venue, the setting is just perfect and the staff makes you feel like you really do own the castle for the day.

The weather decided to be thoroughly Scottish, but that wasn’t going to dampen anyone’s spirit. Arwen was getting ready in the honeymoon lodge, a private little cottage just to the side of the castle. Her dress by Pronovias had been altered specially and it suited her perfectly. In the morning the girls were wondering whether Tony would cry as Arwen walked down the aisle, apparently Tony told Arwen jokingly that any tears would be about the cost of the wedding. Well, as Arwen came down the aisle (and all the way through the vows) Tony did have a tear or two in his eyes, but I doubt very much it was about the cost of the wedding! It was a wonderfully emotional ceremony with hardly a dry eye in the keep of the castle.

After the ceremony, the pressure was on for me to make the Same Day Edit. This was one of our extended Same Day Edits so even though I have a bit more time, I do have to fit in a whole lot more. In the evening, while the band was taking a much deserved break, we were on. This is always a nerve-racking moment for me. Will they like it? You do feel rather exposed at a time like that. But then there are the laughs, the cries and the applause, and you breathe a sigh of relief. And 2 days later, when you’ve come down from the excitement of it all, you receive an email like this and get a bit giddy all over again:

 “Wow!!! What can I say! You blew us away with the video. It was stunning on the night of our wedding and we haven’t stopped watching it since. The music you chose was AMAZING! What you produce is just unbelievable – it made our wedding day complete,

All our thanks,

Arwen & Tony x”


Arwen & Anthony’s Extended Same Day Edit at Comlongon Castle, Scotland from EverAfterVideos on Vimeo.

3 Responses to “Arwen & Anthony’s Extended Same Day Edit at Comlonglon Castle, Scotland”

  • Beautiful shots, great story and lot of emotion like what we film-makers like. You have done really great capturing the atmosphear considering the low light of the location.

    Just curious as to what cameras you were using? I’m am waiting for my new 5d MKIII to hopefully help address the video noise issues from filming in these low light locations.

  • Niels says:

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for the kind comments on our work. The whole day was captured on Panasonic Lumix GH2 cameras, with an occasional GH1 shot.

  • says:

    I loved the ring and most important the video which covers the wedding so beautifully, and brings every moment in front of eyes forever.

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