Adventures by Ever After, our Training Weekend in Wales

The Friday before last, Niels and I set off early in the morning, a car fully loaded, to the Black Mountains in Wales for the Ever After Weekend Workshop. We’d been preparing for this weekend for a couple of months and it was finally all coming together. We had kept an eye on the weather forecast for a while but it kept changing from nice and sunny to wintery snow showers on an hourly basis, so we were prepared for both the best and the worst weather. Well, it turned out to be pretty much the worst. The day and night before we set off it started snowing big time in Capel-y-Ffin and our accommodation for the weekend was high up in the hills. We arrived in the afternoon to find that getting up the driveway may be an issue. We’re talking a 200 metres steep driveway covered in snow. After trying to dig out a path for close to 2 hours, we finally had to give up and carry everything up. This included all the camera equipment, a large television, training materials and probably most importantly all the food and drinks. Only one 4×4 car managed to make it up the hill that evening. The Ever After Weekend Workshop was quickly renamed as “Adventures by Ever After”. Luckily everybody made it safe and well, including our bride and groom, Tineke and Wim, who came over from Belgium especially.

By the next morning we had a fresh load of snow, but now everyone could clearly see the amazing setting we were in. We started the day with a session on filming techniques which was then put into practise during our first shoot out session, a bridal prep. We had enrolled the help of Kate Petersen as the hair and make up artist.  After lunch, there was another shoot out session with Rob Burress from where we demonstrated how to make the most out of a photo session and how to work with and around a photographer. Then, after a session on marketing, we finished the day with a lovely dinner and drinks.

The last day began with a seminar on sound, from acquisition to clean up and disaster recovery methods. This turned out to be quite the eye opener for most. Then it was time for the last shoot out of the weekend where everyone could put to practise some more of the skills and ideas we taught them the day before. After lunch it was time for the big editing session. This covered all the bases: from how to shorten ceremonies and speeches cleverly, to getting the most out of music;  from colour correcting and colour grading to final delivery.

We certainly gave our attendees a lot to take home and think about, all were perfectly satiated and excited about their next weddings where they could put all the things they learned to practise. And going back down that hill that proved to be such a pain on Friday evening, was by now a doddle.

We can’t wait to organise another training weekend, but looking at our diary for the next few months, we’re pretty full up with weddings, so it may be a while yet.

Photos kindly provided by Rob at ShootingHip, you can find more photos on Rob’s blog.

More information on the training we give can be found on the Ever After Video Training website.

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  • Heather says:

    Looks amazing and like a lot of fun plus everyone is learning a lot… Awesome! Going to have one in the states any time soon?

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