Tina and Joshua, an Irish escapade

Time for another full wedding on this blog, it’s been quite a while and I couldn’t wait to share this one, it’s been without doubt one of my favourite ones so far this year. It probably has something to do with the fact that this wedding meant that we finally got see a bit more of that beautiful island to the west of ours, yes, we were invited to film a wedding in Ireland.

Let me introduce Tina and Joshua to you. They met a few years back in Denver and for the moment Joshua laid his eyes on Tina, he was smitten! It wasn’t until 2 years later that their paths crossed again in Dublin and a nervous Joshua finally asked Tina out on a date. This date wasn’t a coffee at Starbucks or dinner and a movie. Joshua whisked Tina away for a week to a far away idyllic beach. How romantic is that?!

Back in May they tied the knot, surrounded by friends and family for all over the World. The venue for this celebration was the stunning Adare Manor Hotel. Tina wore a gorgeous and dreamy dress by Caroline Castigliano which she adorned with an eye-catching sparkly brooch; apparently Beyonce bought the same one. And then there were the shoes, Christian Louboutins, seriously striking! A fairytale carriage with six white horses took Tina from the Manor to the church across road. And although the weather didn’t always play nicely (there’s a reason Ireland is so green), it certainly didn’t spoil the day. There were some brilliant speeches; the best man’s speech was especially great, none of the usual jokes copied from the internet, just purely amusing and entertaining. And after a few hours of dancing, they all sang the night away down in the dungeon bar of the hotel to some traditional Irish folk singers. Seriously brilliant wedding!!!

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Highlights of the wedding day film:

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3 Responses to “Tina and Joshua, an Irish escapade”

  • Ali O'Naqbi says:

    Dear Tina and Joshua
    My family and I had wonderful time and honored to attend your wedding.
    it is occasion that we never stop talking about. Wishing you a life full of joys and happiness.
    Manal, Ali, Laila and SAIF.

  • liza says:

    what a beautiful wedding…look like lovely people… congratulations.x

  • Mary Jo Heiney says:

    Dear Josh and Tina,
    It was truly a magical day! I am so honored to have been there. The entire weekend is a memory etched in my mind and heart forever. You have a storybook love and your wedding day matched the elegance, romance, and enchantment of a Cinderella experience never to be matched even by royalty. Thank you. I wish you a life filled with love, friendship, and blessings.
    Much love,
    Mary Jo

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