About time! More wedding video clips!

Wow, I can’t believe wow long it’s been since I’ve put some video on this blog, ouch! Time to put this right! Let’s start of with Victoria & Chris’ wedding highlights. It was one of the rare occasions this year that we actually got to shoot a wedding in our home town, Sheffield, at St Augustine’s, Brocco Bank. Followed by the reception at the Crown Hotel in Bawtry near Doncaster. Photography on this occasion was provided by C&C photography who were loads of fun to work with on the day and were kind enough to provide with us with some photos for the DVD artwork.

I also want to share a little act that the bridesmaids put together to surprise Victoria. This was really was the talk of the day and brought the house down. I’m kind of hoping it might inspire bridesmaids all over the world to show off their creative side. It’s personal touches like this one that really make a wedding extra special.

In the evening they also had a ceilidh, I can assure you this the perfect way to burn some of those calories you accumulate from eating to much wedding cake and it also beats a simple slow shuffle shuffle dance hands down!

And on a personal note, this wedding happened to have some guests we know quite well. Niels’ godson Zack was one of the guests, as his dad is one the groom’s nephews. That gave us a chance to catch up with our friends, always nice!

Anyway, here are the highlights

and the bridesmaids’ “Hey there Victoria”

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