A wedding isn’t just about marrying the person you love

Those of you who have visited our homepage or Facebook page since yesterday afternoon may have already noticed that we have a brand spanking new showreel! I have to share it on the blog too.

Our new showreel highlights that what is to us the most important part of a wedding day: the people. A wedding isn’t just about marrying the person you love, it’s also about wanting to share this day with all the people in your life that you love and care about, the people who love you and will support you in your marriage for years to come. Strangely, wedding magazines rarely seem to pick up on this and mostly seem to focus on details that can take over a wedding day. Yes, it is a lot of fun to choose that perfect dress and those oh so gorgeous shoes, that picture perfect venue and decorating it to a wow factor.  But before you know it, you get caught up in it all and the budget is spent on all these things that will only last a day. When the clock strikes midnight and your perfect beautiful wedding day is over, what are you left with? The cake will spoil, the flowers will wither, and that dress ends up in a box. You have each other and your memories.

And that’s where we come in, we make sure those memories are never forgotten. And yes, we do focus some of our attention to all those little details and eye candy that you spent so much time umming and ahhing about. But most of our attention goes to you and the people in your lives who truly make your day special. Your friends and family who have come from across the globe to be with you on the day you marry that one person you cannot live without. Your grandmother who may only be able to make it to the ceremony, your auntie who lovingly made that scrumptious cake especially for you, your dad who proudly walks you down the aisle as your mum wipes away a tear of joy. These “things” are more important than anything, and certainly more valuable. These are the things we want to capture for you more than anything.

So when you look back on your wedding day, it is more than just the sum of its parts, it is more than just about the two of you tying the knot. And the same goes for your wedding film; it isn’t a vain silly little thing. A wedding film’s value will grow day by day, year by year. The first time you see your wedding film, you will notice many things that you didn’t see on the day or even realised that happened. As time goes by, your wedding film will become a piece of family history, something you can look back on with fondness and a warm glow in your heart. Being able to hear and listen to the voices of the people you love is something so precious it can’t be quantified in any way. You will realise more than ever that these moving images starring you, your family and friends are worth more than you could ever have imagined. This film is not just for you; it’s for everybody around you, for generations to come and for generations to enjoy.

Don’t let history pass you by.


2 Responses to “A wedding isn’t just about marrying the person you love”

  • Martin says:

    Nice showreel, I like the fish-eye lens shots.

  • Annie says:

    It’s so true! All the little things you missed, or forgot come rushing back to you. Looking at photographs is lovely, but doesn’t compare to seeing it actually unfold. A video brings the day back like nothing else can!

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