A Save the Date filmed in Vienna

Back in September we received an email from a couple, Andi and Elizabeth, in Singapore looking for someone to do an engagement shoot in Europe. As they are from South East Asia, they are pretty much spoiled for choice over there when it comes to amazing event filmmakers, luckily for us they found us thanks to EventDV.
The options for shooting locations were Paris or Vienna. Now Vienna is my favourite city in the world (contrary to popular believe, it isn’t Orlando) so I was eager to to convince the couple of Vienna’s beauty. Since they were looking for a more Christmassy atmosphere for the video and the fact that the photographer was already meeting them in Paris, it was an easy sell. Queue a small script being written, a bunch of emails back and forward and before we knew it, our tickets to Vienna were ordered, the shoot in Vienna would be on 21 December.

Fast forward to Saturday 18 December, snow descents on the United Kingdom, traffic in the country comes to a standstill and most flights from London Heathrow airport are cancelled. We are due to fly early on Sunday morning (we were going to drive down on Saturday). We anxiously listened to every news update, followed British Airways and Heathrow Airport on Twitter for any last minute updates. Things only went from bad to worse. Around 4pm on Saturday afternoon we received an email from British Airways to inform us that our flight was cancelled. Panic! How were we going to get to Vienna?!? Earlier in the day I had already been looking at options of driving down, but this would be a hopeless mission as traffic throughout France and Germany was possibly even worse than in the UK due the snow there. Trains? Again, frozen rails in Germany put a stop to that option. So at 4pm on Saturday we are faced with a dilemma, give up or find another way?

Another quick search on the internet and I found an option to get to Vienna via Brussels Airport, which hadn’t succumbed to the snow yet. This would mean a drive down from Sheffield to Dover, get on a ferry, drive partly through France and into Belgium. OK, we can do this! New flight booked for Sunday afternoon, jumped in the car with plenty of food and blankets and drove down to Dover. This drive normally takes us about 4 hours, this time it was 8. Then 2 hours on the ferry and a 2 hour drive to Brussels. Luckily my parents live just outside of Brussels, so we had a quick stopover there for a quick bite and quick shower. But the snow wasn’t far behind us. As we arrived at Brussels Airport, the first snowflakes started falling. This was not good news! We still had 3 hours until our flight, surely, it wouldn’t be a problem. Right? No. Because you see, an inch of snow in Brussels and everything grinds to a slow and painful halt.

Our 3pm flight got cancelled , luckily the airline staff managed to book us on a later flight, at 6.30pm. But the weather really wasn’t on our side, flight after flight got cancelled, less than 1 in 10 flights took off from the airport. 6.30pm came and went and our flight still wasn’t cancelled, but delayed, and delayed again and delayed again. Around 9pm, as if by miracle, we boarded the plane! At that point I assumed that it would soon start snowing again and the runway wouldn’t be clear. It wasn’t until we were up in the air, that I actually believed we were going to Vienna. We finally arrived at our hotel in Vienna at 12.30am, after travelling for 30 hours without sleep or a proper meal.

It wasn’t just us trying to get to Vienna… Andi and Elizabeth were struggling too and wondering if they were going to make it. The whole of Europe was suffering from the snow and it had affected their travel plans too. But they made and we made it. Phew!

On Monday we went on a scouting mission through Vienna, we’d been a few years before so knew the city pretty well, but as we were relying on public transport we needed to make sure of the most efficient routes. That day was absolutely beautiful, clear blue skies, glistening snow all around Vienna (somehow they can manage snow in Austria…).

The day of the shoot… Mist… Fog… Mist… Our first location was the park of the gorgeous Schonbrunn Palace, as we entered the park, we said “you’ll soon see this amazing palace”. Well, they didn’t, not until they got really close to it, which made it a nice surprise actually. But we had to revise our schedule as we had planned to do shoots at certain locations in the park which required the view of the palace and another setting which was now out of reach. A snowball fight took care of that disappointment, especially as Elizabeth had never done one! We took Elizabeth and Andi to all the most important sites in Vienna. In the meantime we were also their tour guides for the day. This was something they luckily really appreciated as even though they’d travelled to Paris and Prague earlier in the trip, they didn’t manage to see much of the cities. Our shoot was designed to make the most out of their short stay in Vienna. When I heard her say “I like Vienna better than Paris” I knew my mission was accomplished.

With the shoot over, Niels and I still had until Friday to enjoy Vienna. Friday being Christmas Eve, and a flight due home that evening. In case you’re wondering: yep snowfall affected that journey as well, but that’s a whole different story.
Anyway, we are making 2 clips for the couple. The first is a small trailer/save the date video. The other is a video to be screened at their wedding in Bali.

If you’ve managed to read through all this, I applaud you. Feel free to watch Elizabeth and Andi’s Save the Date…

Elizabeth & Andi – Save the Date from EverAfterVideos on Vimeo.

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